OurFreedomWatch is dedicated to alerting the American People about moves the Federal Government and politicians therein are making that threaten our God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. OurFreedomWatch also seeks to empower the American people with the strength and ability to effect REAL change in the U.S. Change that will bring us back to our Founding Principles of Limited Government and Ordered Liberty. OurFreedomWatch also seeks to encourage the American People by showing the victories that the mass media will never broadcast, thereby proving that the battle is not lost nor impossible, as many would have us think. OurFreedomWatch believes it is both impossibly and foolhardy for a national government to try and create a man-made utopia where there is no poverty. Many of the things a liberal statist will claim they can do are things that only God has promised He will do. OurFreedomWatch believes that our faith for a better future should not be put in a national government nor a messiah-like politician, but in the one true and only God, Jesus Christ, as He is the only one with the power and resources to meet man’s every need. OurFreedomWatch believes fervently in the right for every American to or not to worship God in the way he feels called to. OurFreedomWatch does not believe that all Americans must be forced to worship God, or any other belief, as such a requirement is the very antithesis of a Free Nation; but we do believe that all men and women in the U.S.A. have a right to choose whether they should or not, and if so they can freely express their beliefs and worship.


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