My sincere apologies for being gone so long, friends. I came home from work last night to find the U.S. House of Representatives had passed the so-called “Cap And Trade” Bill.

For those of you who have yet to be told, allow me to inform you that this bill has as much to do with cleaning the environment as Barney Fife had with ending the Cold War. When you look at the details, this bill is all about enriching a few companies and the politicians who back them. It’s effects would spread the curse of poverty across our land while enriching a few businesses and the politicians who are in bed with them.

It enriches the businessman because the companies that support this bill (AIG and General Electric to name a few) have created operations that, once this bill passes, would generate BILLIONS for them overnight from selling Carbon Credits to other business, and they can set the price because the bill is written in their favor. The politicians benefit because many who support it have shares in these companies, or have received “special favors” in return for their support.

Now, most of you know that I am NOT anti-business or free enterprise, nor am I against government. What I am against are bad business and government practices, and this is exactly that.

First, let me address the business side of this.

A few major corporations, fearing the unknown outcome of a fair fight in a Free Market Competition, has allied with politicians to reshape the Market to make their future more favorable. The real honest businessman accepts the risks and rewards of the Free Market system, because he knows that while there is uncertainty of success there is still the possibility of it and the door is open to at least take a chance. He appreciates this, and if he believes is God than he places his trust in God to carry him through.

The dishonest businessman seeks success in whatever way he can. He will lie, cheat, or steal because he fears failure above all and desires monetary success above all. His concern is not in creating a quality product for the consumer. His concern is not with creating a better world or enriching society with a wonderful product and/or service. His mission, above all, is making money. Period. Unlike the honest businessman, who rightly places “making money” as a BENEFIT of his mission, as opposed to THE mission.

Most companies’ mission statements usually consist of the following words: “To make a quality product that will benefit the lives of the consumer, and to make sure that each and every interaction our organization has with the consumer is a positive one.” The mission statement makes sure that the goal of your organization is to create something of value that people will pay for, and that the way you treat them will ensure that they will come back to you because your character as a whole is so winning that they will trust you for all their future purchases and needs. Nowhere is money mentioned, because it is implied that the money will come if you follow this statement. Money is achieved indirectly through following this goal to the letter, which helps ensure that the organization understands that serving people is our goal, not swindling them. This will help eliminate any attitudes that would encourage theft, dishonesty, and cheating the consumer.

Alas, in today’s world, this purpose of the mission statement is given mere lip service. Many companies have ingrained in themselves that their mission is to squeeze as much as you can out of everyone, regardless of the consequences. It is this self-seeking attitude and obsession with money that creates the fear of the unknown in a Free Market society, and so sets up the relationship for the Businessman to seek an alliance with the Politician. His goal is to get the politician to agree to change the rules of the game so that it is more in his favor, against his competitors, and will enrich himself. All of this is granted in exchange for a piece of the action to be given to the politician, thereby enriching the few at the expense of the many, and preventing a future business from being created that would revolutionize the landscape because the new rules of the game are far too stringent for any newcomer to possibly abide by with their own meager resources; thus the possibility of any future threats for the business man are negated, unless a richer one comes along offering a better deal to the politician.

So, that’s the dishonest businessman’s stake in this and his motivation. What of the politician?

The honest politician seeks to ensure the freedoms, liberty, and justice of the people is preserved at all costs. He sees himself as a servant, not a master; a slave and not a god. He will do whatever it takes to preserve the ability of a person to live his life as he sees fit so long as he does not go outside the lines of the code of law (theft, murder, rape) and that the possibilities for the people are endless. The individual can pursue his faith and his calling with little to no interference from a centralized governing body, nor interfere with his own personal progress by ensuring that whatever taxes are collected are not wholly outrageous and that the people have a voice in what taxes are levied. In the end, the honest politician does not seek power for himself, but power for all. If he is an athiest, he does it because he believes man is basically good and that the people can be trusted to make a society and nation great, better than what the state is able to construct. If he is a Christian, he believes that government is a tool to keep justice and liberty; and that a nation is made great because of Christ working through the people and not through some slavish obedience to the state.

Contrastly, the dishonest politician is obsessed with one thing, well two things really: power and money. He seeks power for either of these reasons or a combination of the three: to compensate for a severe lack of self-confidence and because he so implicitly distrusts the people to make a better society that he seeks to craft it himself by attaining and preserving absolute control of every aspect of the society, thinking that he and he alone knows what is best. He sees himself not as a servant, but a master; not as a slave, but as a god. As for money, well, he simply hates the idea of being poor.

He believes that liberty and freedom interfere with the creation of a better society, that only through central planning and the enforcement of his own will upon the masses can life be improved. He does not believe in the general sense of justice, as in the Judeo-Christian code of laws handed down through the ages. He believes in his own sense of right and wrong, and that what he says is just is so, and what is unjust is so. He sets himself up as a lawmaker and sees himself coming down from his seat of power with his own “Ten Commandments” (if he limits himself to ten), believing that through his own guidance can man be made better. All the while, this person forgets that he too, is a man, and that like all men he is filled with flaws and that enforcing his own personal godhead on the society will only magnify his own personal flaws throughout that society.

As for taxation, he believes that all money is best kept in his own hands, as he believes that only he himself knows how best to use it, not the people. And it doesn’t hurt if he enriches his own life along the way. After all, should he not be rewarded for the hard work and effort he put in to making this great society? He deserves to live like a king, and if that means that some poor family must go without that dream vacation, dream house, or that meal they were hoping for, then so be it. Their sacrifice has served the greater good.

Religion is an interference, in the view of the politician, because it divides the loyalty of the people. How can the politician trust the people will be loyal to him when they claim to serve a King of Kings? In order to ensure total loyalty to himself, the dishonest politician stamps out religion whenever he can, and tries to replace it with a faith in himself and his ability to save the people. Thus, without even realizing it (or perhaps so) he has created a new religion for the people, with himself as the godhead.

I have also found that most politicians who enrich themselves through higher taxation of the people have a great fear of poverty visiting themselves, so they use the power of taxation to ensure their own personal safety from that curse, aware or not that their action only passes their poverty on down the ladder thereby resulting in “trickle-down poverty” where the huge well at the top draws more water from the valleys below drying them up, but making the well flourish with ever-increasing gallons of water. One would think that an overflow would be created by this, resulting in water returning to the valleys, but such natural laws are overridden when the well reshapes itself to ensure that whatever overflow exists flows to the “chosen few” that it deems worthy. Again, that is IF there is any overflow. Many times the well will overly consume what it draws up, and demand even more from the now drying valleys.

This is what Cap And Trade is: nervous, self-seeking businessmen looking out for themselves and power-hungry, poverty fearing politicians looking to assert their own control over society. And, in the end, both also want to ensure they stay rich and never know want.

If this bill passes the Senate and is signed into law, the few will be enriched at the expense of the many. We should hold every Senator and Representative to account. All those who voted against should be praised and deserve our votes; all those who voted for it deserve our every action to unseat them no matter what the cost.

Our nation has had enough of dishonest businessmen and policitians. It is time for a return to honesty.


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  1. Jennifer

    WOW- you have put it into words. I like this because while I am learning what is going on with our government this blog has now helped me realize certain aspects that I previously did not realize.
    It reminds me of the Matrix. “Morpheus: You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. (a red pill is shown in his other hand) You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. (Long pause; Neo begins to reach for the red pill) Remember — all I am offering is the truth, nothing more.” I have taken the red pill 🙂

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