Watch Update 09-20-2008


This news was too good for me NOT to report it. 

No, I’m not referring to the fact that California is in dire financial straits. I’m referring to the people of California saying enough is enough and refusing higher taxes and more debt as the way OUT of this crisis when that is exactly the kind of behavior that got California INTO this mess in the first place!

Now, Governor Schwarzenegger and the California Assembly have no choice but make the painful decisions that we have been urging them to make: cut their irresponsible spending. The time has come for them to trim the fat, and trim it well. It’s time for them to live within their means and be responsible with the money the people allow them to use. California must NOW become the state where the revolution against government waste and high taxation begins. Let us all pray and put pressure on the State of California to remake itself and become the shining street in the shining city on a hill. 

This is a great victory for us, friends! Let us seize the day! Now, keep praying, and keep moving. Momentum is moving on our side because We The People demand our country back!



Governor Schwarzeneggar

California Legislators:



















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