Watch Report 05-13-2009

Greetings friends. 

Sorry about the lack of update Saturday. I’m still trying to get organized enough to be able to handle my projects and this blog. I will still do the best I can. 

In the midst of the economic and political problems in our country, I hope and pray that you all are having peace in the midst of the storm. May the God of peace be with you and help you all during these troubling times. May you all have peace on your Earth.

Now, for the watch items of the past week:

Dems Curbing Environment Regulation Proposals:

Now this is rich. Apparently there is enough opposition out there to force the Dems to scale things back a bit with their environmental agenda. Note, however, that they are ONLY scaling things back. That’s because they know that if they can just get their foot in the door, they’ve won. If they can get only a little passed, then precious little can  stop them from making their end goals realized. We cannot allow even this downsized version of their environmentalist scheme to pass. After all, none of this is really about the environment, it’s just a new tax they want to burden on the American people. The economic destruction their plan would reap would bring America to her knees and condemn her to a life of 2nd or 3rd world status. May I ask, what good would it bring the world if the one nation that outgives and outhelps the rest of the planet suddenly succumbs to poverty, a poverty of the government’s own making mind you, and therefore the once great giving nation is now unable to help and minister to the global poor as she used to? And I’m not talking about the failed attempts at helping the poor that the U.S. Government or the UN does, I’m talking about American families and American businesses, large and small, donating from their own backpocket and volunteering their own time to help the needy around the world. The destruction of the ability for the American individual and business to do this would result in many non-profit organizations losing the supply of aid they so desperately need, thereby resulting in billions of poor languishing without aid. And I’m not even counting the millions of poor Americans who will have the door to future prosperity shut in their face and bolted, thereby denying them even a chance at escaping their own poverty. If the liberals truly care about the poor, if they truly care about helping the world, then they’ll abandon burdening the American people with this new tax scheme cleverly disguised as “environmental legislation”. And we the people must pray fervently, and we must at every turn give our representatives hell if they are even considering voting for this new tax.

White House Denies Threats against Firms

Have all of you heard about this? Apparently, the White House threatened some of the investment firms if they didn’t go along with the White House plan for reorganizing the Chrysler. What’s ironic about this is that liberals complained that President George W. Bush was a bully, that we were under a dictatorship, that Bush attacked his political enemies non-stop and was merciless to them. (Now, most of us who live in the real world and don’t get all of our information from NBC news, know for sure that the opposite was true about President Bush. Bush was typically very mild when it came to fighting his political opponents, which tended to drive us Conservatives up a wall). 

The irony here is that what liberals always complained was present, but wasn’t, is now present and they are all gleefully silent or brazenly cheering. President Obama is doing the very things that liberals complained Bush was doing, the difference being that Bush wasn’t doing it and Obama now is.  This is scary, and a direct threat towards us free Americans and our ability to decide what to do with the property we own. We need to be on our guard, praying, and let the White House know how we feel about their intimidation and bully tactics. Abusing the power of the Presidency to violate the rights of individuals is a dangerous move against our freedoms and our future as Americans. 

Editor attacks Conservative Talk Radio:

It’s nice how this guy gives us a snippet as opposed to playing the clip in it’s context. Also, nowhere did I hear Mr. Davis laughing, it sounded like he was just reading it. 

This is nothing more than a “pointing the finger” to distract us from Ms. Wanda Sykes wishing for Rush Limbaugh’s death, with President Obama laughing approvingly. This gentleman also misses the mark about understanding why Conservative Talk Radio is in “Four Alarm Fire” mode. It’s because the policies President Obama seeks to implement and is implementing had destroyed nations and the citizens of those nations in times before, and these hosts do not wish to see that same fate befall the United States of America. And these sentimental ideals that he claims we’re naively holding onto, are not ideals but time tested and proven facts that have brought peace, prosperity, and freedom to the nations and people that have implemented them. And the ratings for talk radio will not go down because many Americans feel the same way these hosts feel, otherwise the ratings would not be so high and the calls to the hosts not so frequent.

We’ll need to keep an eye out for the fairness doctrine or any iteration of it. If Talk Radio goes away by force of government, so goes our own personal freedom of speech.

Alan Keyes arrested in Notre Dame Protest:

This is quite sad that even Notre Dame prefers to be known for being friendly to the new President as opposed to taking a stand. There is so much Obama-mania it seems some people and organizations will sacrifice anything to enter this cult of personality. It is quite sad, and we should encourage and support those organizations who stand by their principles. We are not saying that organizations should not respect the President of the United States, but there is a line between showing the respect one is due, and endorsing policies that are against your beliefs and against the foundation and fabric of this nation. I sincerely hope Notre Dame reverses this decision.

White House “Opposes” EPA:

Funny how the White House admits publicly that these “cap and trade” regulations will actually hurt the economy. I strongly feel this “memo” the White House sent is little more than a strategic political move. It allows Team Obama to go forward with their environmental regulations while at the same time appearing to be against it. The fact that this memo came out shows that there must be enough opposition present to threaten it’s passage, or the President’s approval ratings. Otherwise, there would have been no memo since the President has stated many times, and the people he has appointed have agreed, that the environment must be saved and the regulation of the economy is the way to meet that end. Don’t be fooled by this tactical maneuver. Be watchful, and be mindful.

And now, for the good news:

Conservative Party Leader Cameron Attacks Labour’s Budget:

David Cameron is the leader of England’s Conservative Party. There are some things I do not agree with him on, as he took on the centrist mantle of “Compassionate Conservatism” which is little more than a cop-out. So you can imagine my surprise, shock, and excitement when I hear this speach and read his words attacking Prime Minister Brown’s Budget for the new fiscal year in England. Such boldness, such fierceness. Why don’t we have such a leader in the GOP going out in public and daily engaging in a verbal bloodbath with President Obama over his ruinous agenda for our country? Where are the leaders standing up over this horribly financial mismanagement, especially in light of this latest report regarding our highest deficit ever, even 4 times as much as 2008’s?

We need bolder leaders to step up and aggressively challenge Team Obama without fear of the White House Press Corps. We need leaders who are of the people and FOR the people. And if no such leader rises up, then WE THE PEOPLE must do the fighting ourselves and daily challenge Team Obama using our Freedom of Speech and Freedom to Vote. 

Now, the good news in all of this is that typically if you want to know what may happen to America, look to England. In 1979, Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister of Great Britain and went about saving the country from years of government encroachment and national decline. A few years later Ronald Reagan became the U.S. President. As of this writing, Cameron and the Conservatives are pressuring Prime Minister Brown to call for new elections, confident of victory since the polls strongly reflect a growing cry for the return of the Conservative Party. The tide appears to be turning in England, which means the same could soon be true for the United States.

Contact President Obama:

Contact Your Senator:

Contact Your Representative:




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