Watch Report May 2, 2009

Happy May everyone! I pray that all of you are doing well and will have a wonderful summer this year. Let not your hearts be troubled, my friends. 

No matter what may happen this year or the year’s to come, I want you all to remember that God is faithful, He sits on the throne of the Universe, and He cares for you. That was something I was reminded of last night when I went to a special Messianic Service at my church. My mind was on my country, the hard times for us as a nation, and myself as a person when the worship started. All my fears seemed to fade as we worshipped God for His faithfulness and His power. The message I was getting over and over again was that He is faithful. So, no matter what bad news you get in life, no matter what may surprise you, and no matter what we read about the President and his team threatening our freedoms as Americans, remember that God is faithful. He watches over His children, He is our shepherd so He protects us, He provides for all our needs according to His riches and glory, we only need to seek the peace, righteousness, and joy in the Holy Spirit and receive the righteousness Christ gave to us. 

Now, for the watch report for today.

U.S. Supreme Justice Souter Retiring:

Alot of Conservatives I know are probably freaking out over President Obama having the opportunity to appoint a Justice to the Supreme Court. Let me try and put this in perspective. Justice Souter is a liberal activist judge. The President will more than likely appoint a liberal activist judge to replace him. How does that radically change the court? It doesn’t make things better, but it also doesn’t make things any worse.  The current status quo will be maintained. 

Yes, let’s try and defeat the President on this issue and force through a strict Constitutionalist Justice. However, defeat in this appointment isn’t necessarily lethal because the status quo will not be changed: 4 liberal activists, 4 conservatives, and one moderate, the moderate being Justice Anthony Kennedy. And it’s on that one man that I wish to focus. The 4 conservatives are all too young to retire, though Justice Thomas has declared in the past that he doesn’t really care for his job. Justice Kennedy, who more often than not sides with us, is the one question mark. Should he retire during an Obama administration, or even 1 of the 4 conservatives, then the Court will be dramatically changed. So, the President can replace all 4 of the liberal judges with 4 equally radical judges, and the status quo will not be changed. However, should one of the four, or Justice Kennedy, leave, then that is the time for hard fighting.

Let us get into the trenches and fight hard President Obama’s nomination and get a Constitutionalist in there, but if we lose take heart all. It doesn’t change the power structure, though it does ensure more years of a liberal activist occupying that seat.

Hate Crimes Bill Passed in House:

I love how liberals spin things to make bad things sound positive. Let me tell you the truth about this hate crimes bill. It’s 100% against freedom of speech. For example, if a Pastor says in church that sex outside of marriage, or homosexual sex, is sin, the Feds can come after him. That’s what it’s about. Now, obviously people who go around saying “God hates gays” are not of God and in fact are opposing the Gospel and Ministry of Jesus Christ, for He did not come into the world to condemn the world, but that through Him the world might be saved. This does not mean that God has abandoned his standards and there is still a need in churches, and society in general, to be honest about what is right and what is wrong. So, this attempt to bind an American’s freedom of speech is dangerous to all of us and will force on our society a dangerous relativism where we can’t call something wrong that is wrong. Some may argue, “but what about hate crimes and racism?” I respond, this bill is not about hate crimes or racism; it’s about a threatened Team Obama and their allies trying to bind the forces of Conservatism and Christianity. The Conservative, who believes in a human being’s God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness regardless of race, color, or creed is anathema to the liberal belief that the State grants a human to life, libery, and the pursuit of happiness regardless of race, color, or creed, and can easily take it away as it wills for any reason whatsoever. The Christian, who believes the same as the Conservative and that all men and women are made in the image of Almighty God (thereby granting man intrinsic value higher than all the rest of Creation) and that God loves man so incredibly enough that He killed His Own Son so that He can have a relationship with us and make us healthy and whole, threatens the public need for the Statist, for what need would there be for an all-encompassing and providing government if all men and women had God caring for them? Team Obama will mask this bill  as “protecting tolerance” when it’s all about muzzling his opponents. Pray and call your reps so we can stop this!

U.S. Credit Card Users Bill of Rights:

Most people who listen to or have listened to Financial Advisor Dave Ramsey hate credit cards and hate credit card companies. We won’t discuss the use of credit cards here, however I will say that this is nothing more than new regulations of the already over-burdened financial industry. There are already plenty of laws about loan sharks and illegal lending practices on the books that are not being enforced, so why make these new laws? All this new law will do is encourage more irresponsible usage of credit cards by the masses, and punish the credit card companies; a lose-lose situation. If Team Obama were really concerned about illegal lending practices, they would A. Not have given them a penny in the financial bailout bill, B. Deregulate it to the point of where the Free Market itself would regulate the lenders, and C. Retain and enforce the laws ALREADY on the books that actually DO make sense and protect the American people from predatory lending. But again, Team Obama isn’t concerned about Credit Card Users’ Rights; they’re concerned with their own “right” to power. I say we fight this.

Here’s Rep. Maloney’s website with contact info if you want to let her know how you feel:

Team Obama seeks to reorganize Chrsyler:

I know it might seem weird to link to a Washington Post article, but the truth is in between the lines in this article. First, before we can proceed further we must ask ourselves “What is the President’s goal with the U.S. Auto Industry?”

If you said “saving the companies”, you’d be dead wrong. There are plenty of things the President and his team could be doing to help them, but they aren’t. Things such as: eliminating regulations that have burdened the Auto Makers’ bottom line and had them creating cars few want and aren’t reliable, and grant them a tax holiday where the entire company (and employees) are free from all tax payments for all of 2009. That would surely give them a boost.  Even allowing bankruptcy would be preferable, in the sense it would give them the time to reorganize themselves and emerge a better, more driven organization. 

Again, that would happen IF the President’s true goal was saving the company. It isn’t. The true goal of the President and his team is regulation. They see this as their opportunity to take over and remake the U.S. Auto Industry as they’ve always wanted to. Get rid of what remains of American design and become 100% European and “Earth” Friendly. Essentially, change things so dramatically that the industry becomes like Amtrak where it won’t make any money and will need constant funding from Washington. Team Obama is convinced that they can change the U.S. Auto Landscape by doing this, and finally achieve the victory they’ve been seeking in this area, which for them is halting progress and making us a less wealthy and less luxurious nation. What does this mean for us as a nation? Less choice about the kinds of vehicles we can buy, less safety on the roads (have you seen the size of those cars the Feds are promoting? The driver can easily die if it wrecks), and either fewer jobs for the Auto Workers (the company won’t be making money so they’ll have to make cuts somewhere) or more debt for our children and grandchildren as the Federal Government will no doubt step in subsidize the catastrohic failure. 

Now, there is another aspect to this: The Feds are forcing this reorganization through and essentially kicking the majority shareholders out and giving their shares to the Auto Workers Union. This is nothing short of nationalization and theft. Those investment firms put their money in the company, so what right does the government have to take their shares away and give them to others? Some may argue the Robin Hood line of “Steal from the rich and give to the poor”. Would you feel the same way if it was YOUR shares they were taking and giving to another? It’s YOUR money that you used to buy YOUR shares in the company, wouldn’t you feel robbed if they pulled that on you? That’s my point. It’s all about PRIVATE PROPERTY. When the U.S. Government can arbitrarily take away private property and give it to another, without due process of law (that means when a crime has been committed and there are indictments and a trial before a jury of the indicted’s peers, and there have been no indictments because the only crime commited here is the Federal Government putting the U.S. Auto Industry in the state it currently is due to their draconian regulations), all of us are at risk because it means the Feds now have carte blanche authority to reach into our homes, even our small home-owned businesses, and tell us how to run it. This reorganization plan from Team Obama needs to be stopped, and stopped now!

Feds now regulating NCAA?

I thought I’d put this here when I heard about it to illustrate how draconian the Feds are getting. Tell me, what purpose or what greater good does it serve for Washington, D.C. to start telling the NCAA what they can or can’t call their championship games? I’m sorry, I’ve never understood why the government needs to get involved in the Sports industry. It’s something that provides entertainment for most of us, it’s not that consequential that it requires a Congressional Committee (though I’m sure  Cincinnati Bengals fans would love to see Congress drag owner Mike Brown before them and give him a good roasting for destroying their team). The Feds need to just get out of sports and let us the fans dictate to our teams, and the industry, what we want. 

Team Obama’s Budget:

Well, here we go. This new budget by Team Obama will only get us deeper into debt and will hurt our health care system. Call the President and tell him you want him to veto it. It’s time to stand up and be counted, my friends! Also, call your congressman and demand a more balanced budget. Now is also the time to probably think, pray, and consider running for office. I know that’s a stretch to think about, but instead of complaining about how there’s no one to vote for, BE the person you want to vote for. If no one else will do it, why not you? If you’re a Christian, obviously you should pray and seek God’s will first. But if you have a passion and are tired of what you’re seeing, now may be your time. I started this blog  because I was tired of sitting on the sidelines and I wanted to encourage and empower Americans like me to help fight the growing nationalization and protect our freedoms.

If you decide that your time has come, that you will seek to be a soldier of freedom in the government, consider running for a local office. Start change in your town, city, county, state, and nation right where you are. May God guide you.

And now for the good news item of the issue:

The fact that the U.S. Supreme Court is debating some of the overreaching aspects of the Voting Rights Act is a good thing. If that provision is overturned, it will mean a victory for limited government. And do not believe the fearmongering because such a ruling will in no way threaten the right of all Americans, of all races colors and creeds, to vote though be sure that the left will spin it that way. This is indeed good news and let’s all pray the Court does the right thing.

Have a wonderful weekend all of you. 

Action Items This Issue:

1. Oppose Liberal Activist Appointments by the President.

2. Oppose Credit Card Users Bill of Rights.

3. Oppose Hate Crimes Legislation.

4. Oppose NCAA regulation.

5. Oppose U.S. Auto Reorganization.


Contact President Obama:

Contact Your Senator:

Contact Your Representative:





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