Watch Report: April 28th, 2009

Good morning everyone! Hope all is well for you and your families today.

First news item of this update:

President Obama, the First 100 Days.

The first 100 days of a President are seen as review time and check on how good of a job they’re doing. Naturally, the article above pretty much hails Obama as a god and I can only stand to read so much of it. 

Let’s have a real assesment of Obama’s first 100 days, shall we?

1. President Obama reversed several Bush Administration Defense Policies and reverted to pre-9/11 policies, thereby making us less safe with terrorists and enemies still at war with us. 

2. President Obama signed another stimulus bill into law, thereby increasing our national debt to the highest level ever in our existence and burdening our children and grandchildren to pay it off.

3. President Obama has cut funding to our Missile Defense System, which makes no sense in light of North Korea’s missile testing and Iran’s missile development program.

4. President Obama has increased and is continually increasing the size and scope of Federal Authority and Intervention in our lives, from pressuring the CEO of GM to resign to reorganizing the U.S. Auto Industry, and now regulating climate control in the U.S., the government is becoming a behemoth that will be a dirge on American life and Individual prosperity and hope.

5. President Obama broke his word to the American people regarding his “tax cuts” for the middle class.  He’s going to let the Bush tax cuts expire, which means an automatic tax hike for all of us. Good job, Mr. President.

6. President Obama has destroyed America’s public image and made us look weak and malleable. The enemies of freedom has little to fear from us. Yes, I admit the President did the right thing in regards to the Somali Pirates, but apologizing to the world for the things he listed? I can understand apologizing to Israel and Taiwan for turning our backs on them, or to Georgia for not standing up for them, but what he apologized for was insane and hurtful. Bowing before a Saudi King is something that would have driven the Founding Fathers stark raving mad, and not respecting America’s honored dead while in France because you fear French Public Opinion is downright cowardice and self-seeking.

And, this just in: Obama reinstitutes old regulation of Coal Mining Industry!

I have relatives in West Virginia, and it’s because of regulations like this that that state has little if any jobs or opportunities for the people there. Most of the state that I’ve been to is dead or dying because the coal mines shut down years ago. A few years ago, the coal mines started up again and jobs were being created. Now, thanks to this, the mines will probably shut down and more West Virginians will be out of work again. Thank you, Mr. President. You’re really looking out for the little guy.

For wanton destructive action against America, Americans, our freedom, and our public image, you get an F grade, Mr. President.

U.S. Court ok’s suit against Boeing by suspects:

All I have to say is that this court is stupid and traiterous to allow this. At least let the case be in a closed court with hush orders for everyone, but no let’s just broadcast national security secrets. Give me a break.

Kathleen Sebelius confirmed as HHS Secretary and the Swine Flu Crisis:

Now here’s an interesting argument: we need Sebelius because of the swine flu crisis. This brings to mind Rahm Emanuel’s dictum of “Never waste a good crisis.” As one might expect, this situation plays well into Team Obama’s plans for nationwide health care. Watch for and expect for the President to use this crisis to push for nationalization of the health care industry and socialized medicine. I can see the argument now: “The Private Sector has failed to meet this new crisis. The government has a responsibility to the people to step in and put an end to this situation.” 

This will be said when, in reality, Team Obama see this as nothing more than a golden opportunity to extend the influence of the government yet again and achieve their dream goal of universal health care, at the expense of the American people. If this happends, our health care system would suffer dramatically.  Don’t be fooled and be ready: clog those phone lines and make sure Congress and the President know we don’t want health care. Mexico has socalized medicine, and look what it’s gotten them!

And speaking of Mexico, what more do we need to happen to convince Washington to secure our borders? Just a thought.

Offshore drilling bill halted in Florida:

Isn’t it interesting how, when our economy needs more money and jobs, our government works against those very things? People in Florida need to get ticked off at this laziness and arrogance in their state government.  

If we drill for oil, that will open up more jobs, and lower the price of gasoline which will mean more money for more Americans. Money Americans will spend, money that when spent a portion will go to the government, which means more revenues.  So while denying the American people in general, and the people of the state of Florida this opportunity, Gov. Crist and the Florida legislature prefer to do this:

Look at that picture of Governor Crist of Florida smiling and giving a thumbs up. Politicians who celebrate denying money and opportunities to the American people need to be fired…

Maybe we should let Governor Crist know how we feel:

New Federal Mortgage Measures:

Considering the Federal Government engineered this entire recession through the Community Reinvestment Act and various other regulations and measures forcing the Financial Community of the U.S. to give mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them, I find it ironic that the Feds are coming to the “rescue” with a solution.

Obviously, the far-reaching consequences of this so-called “solution” is that it doesn’t stop the original problem of not letting financial institutions decide who to give mortgages to and who not to and continues the current foolhardy model of lending to those who cannot afford it, and financing it by the U.S. Treasury which will lead to a tremendous drain on financial resources and severely affect prosperity and the home markets for years to come.

The real solution is de-regulation of the financial industry to encourage more responsible lending and will in time stabilize the housing market so that when it does grow, it will be sustainable and not artificial.

Chrysler’s Woes:

Sorry, this just won’t work. The Feds made the U.S. Auto Industry the sham it is today. The only solution is to let it fall and rebuild on it’s own, or it will remain a struggling institution that will make automobiles that few truly want.

And now to end with the Good news:

Here’s our good news item of the week!

Spector leaves GOP, joins Dems!

This is a time to celebrate for us. We want liberal Republicans like Spector to jump ship. We need to first clean house and then unite as one, then we can take on Team Obama. So rejoice, and tell Sen. Spector good riddance.

I’m hearing a unity amongst Conservatives due to this event.  We’re rallying together and this is good news. 

Until next time friends!

Again, here are the major issues:

1. Stop Team Obama’s Agenda on Health, Regulation, Foreign Policy, and Government Spending and Expansion.

2. Tell Governor Crist to open up that offshore drilling to help the rest of us Americans.

3. Tell your Representatives to stand against Team Obama and mention the above court case. Let them and the President know you want this court case halted.


President Obama:

Comments: 202-456-1111

Your Senator:

Your Representative:

Psalm 4:1



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2 responses to “Watch Report: April 28th, 2009

  1. interesting

    Wow, I’m sorry, but I find it a bit hypocritical to respond with an article hailing Obama a “god” with one that does just the opposite. Can we not get a little more impartial press looking at both sides of a situation?
    For starters, I don’t understand the criticism of Obama wearing foreign garb or bowing to a Saudi leader. When visiting other nations, shouldn’t be behave as guests and do our best to follow their customs? Obama has managed to finally turn the world view of the President of the United States into one that is somewhat respected and admired, far contrary to that of our previous President. (Source: foreign media outlets, foreign leaders, and personal friends in Canada, the UK, France, New Zealand, and Australia.) I’m glad we have a leader that’s finally being taken seriously and made fun of constantly.

    Concerning coal mines and oil: these sources of energy are quickly becoming outdated and unsustainable. They pollute our already severely strained environment and are very dangerous work places. What the government should be doing (and what I believe it has said it is trying to do) is to open up safer and more sustainable forms of energy (which would create more jobs). These solutions can range from wind turbines to solar panel production, as well as many more.

    I know many people are opposed to more government regulation, however at this point, with our economy the way it is, more regulation may be what we need. The government under FDR and his New Deal plans was prominent in American life. It took over industries for a while and created many new ones to offer jobs to those without. And it lifted the economy. Perhaps if more regulations had been in place to oversee company dealings, the countries financial industries wouldn’t have dug themselves into the hole they are in now through their careless borrowing and lending…

    I shocked to see Mexico’s swine flu epidemic attributed to their Universal Health Care system. Perhaps it should be blamed on lack of regulations and requirements in the sanitary and waste management area. Or the lack of funding in the Health Care System, most likely attributed to Mexico’s poor economy or the roughly 70% of corrupted politicians in that country. Other countries with some form of Universal Health Care, but no Swine Flu Epidemic: Canada, England, Peru, China, India, Israel, Singapore, Thailand, Finland, Germany, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, and New Zealand.

    Tax cuts: There has been a tax cut made to the tax that comes out of your pay check. Employers are supposed to begin withholding less from your paycheck. If they don’t, you are entitled to receive it when you do your taxes later. Singles are entitled to up to $400 back, while couples can receive up to $800. It’s called to “Making Work Pay” tax. New home buyers can receive an $8,000 tax credit if they buy a new home before Dec. 1, 2009!

    I can’t say the President has done a perfect job. No one will ever be perfect at any job they do. And being President is probably one of the most difficult jobs ever. You have to analyze data, listen to experts, look at past examples, consider the people’s needs and desires, and then attempt to make the best decision, which can never be sure to succeed. However, I think we should stop watching so much Fox-like biased news/opinions and maybe try to look at more sides of a situation. For more factual based news, try BBC. It’s the highest accredited news organization in the world, and being an outside (foreign) news source, it tends to look at American politics on more neutral ground, being unaffiliated with either Political Party.

    • ourfreedomwatch

      First, Interesting, I thank you for taking the time to look at my blog and read it. I appreciate your viewership and hope you will continue to return.

      Now, to the point about more balanced coverage, I do not believe I have ever claimed that this blog is a news service in the sense that it tries to show issues from both the liberal and conservative viewpoints. The purpose of this blog is to inform, empower, and encourage freedom loving Americans to take the actions accorded to us by the U.S. Constitution to defend our sacred God-given rights from an ever increasing government and the politicians within. And as for the discrepancy between the article and my comment about Obama-worship, the tone of the article is that while not having done everything great, the President is doing a fantastic job. The point I am trying to make is that the Mass Media is being hypocritical: with the current President they offer him little outside of positive press and support, but with President George W. Bush they offered nothing but criticism. Where is the balance? Instead of supporting one and hating the other, is not their job to report on the issues without opinion and be the watchdog of our freedoms?

      Now, to the point about President Obama and his foreign relations and activities in that field.
      In order to understand the outrage regarding the bowing down to a foreign leader, you must understand the history of Saudi Arabia and the majority of the Middle East’s relationship toward us. Saudi Arabia is a member of OPEC, an organization that has continually used their semi-monopoly of oil production towards their own ends of extortion towards the West in order to deter us from defending Israel or voicing opposition towards their repressive regimes. In essence, when the President bowed down to the Saudi King, he was voicing his support for him and all his activities. Also, and I will try to be as clear as I can, since it was an extremist wing of Islam that attacked us on 9/11, the wearing of the foreign garb and the bowing down causes us concern. Is our President a muslim, and if so of what wing? If he is of the peaceful wing, then concern ebbs off. But the possibility of membership or support of the extremist wing is the root of concern here, and the President’s lack of clarification and downright hiding of his religious beliefs is the root of the concern in this matter.
      And as for respect, the very fact that France and Germany led the charge against President Obama at the G20 meetings is hardly a sign of being well loved, and that he snubbed British PM Gordon Brown at the G20 is downright rude.

      Now, to the point about coal mines and oil: First, the fact is that many scientists are now saying the earth isn’t warming, in fact they say we’re currently in a stage of global cooling, so the global warming argument against coal and other fossil fuels is bunk. Man’s production on the earth does not produce the global terror we have been led to believe, and while we go around believing in this fiction that takes more faith than religion requires, millions of people in third world nations are denied the advances in technology that could benefit their society because of the “Earth first” crowd, people in developed nations have to shell out more money for “green” products we never wanted in the first place, and nations are threatened with bankruptcy to try and replace our energy and fuel systems with “green” technology that will not be as powerful and it has been rated will only reduce Earth’s temperature by about 5 degrees.
      As my final point on this, if the Green movement is that important, then why do it’s leaders live the lifestyle they live which is in flagrant violation of the principles they seek to impose upon us?

      To the other topic, please take note that Mexico has nationwide health care. If the system is so great, why is there such an outbreak and why are other nations criticizing Mexico for responding so slowly? The fact is that when there is nationalized health care, the government decides what care is “best” and also the most “cost-effective” and tends to restrict or eliminate those medicines which it deems to expensive or harmful to the environment. Take DDT for example. Until it was banned, it had practically destroyed malaria and helped save millions of lives, but after President John Kennedy, at the urging of an environmentalist movement, banned it’s use, over a million lives have been lost throughout the world. Do we really want an organization as incompetent as the government to decide our health care?

      I will spend only so much time on government regulation. The fact is that historians have now concluded that FDR’s New Deal actually PROLONGED The Great Depression due to his excessive regulations and taxation which suppressed the economy and the average farmer. It ended up being the Second World War that restored America’s Economy. In fact, it was the U.S. Government that created this whole mess in the first place, with the Community Reinvestment Act and various other regulations that REQUIRED banks and other financial institutions to give out loans to those who could NOT afford them. It’s rather ironic that the ones who created this mess now say they can fix it.
      If you would like more proof that more government regulation is the way to go, just look at Europe today. Why is it that, in this day and age, the U.S. is more prosperous and wealthy than they are when they are the ones following more government regulation and we have, until now, followed the Free Enterprise model? Even Russia about five years ago decided to go with the flat tax rate!

      And as for the tax cut, my family has not noticed it, and they are far from wealthy. In actual fact there is no tax cut, and since the Bush tax cuts are about to expire, we are heading for a tax hike anyway. And let’s assume for the moment that the tax cuts did get passed and only the wealthy are now paying the majority. The wealthy, the people who create jobs and write our paychecks, they won’t be able to survive in such and environment. Investments will go down, business creation will go down, jobs will go down, and opportunity will go down. The only ones who benefit from this are the politicians, of course, since they’re the only ones who can get away with not paying taxes.

      Did you have the same attitude towards President George W. Bush that you are now taking with Obama? You are right that being President is one of the most difficult jobs ever, but my concern with Obama was LONG before he was President. It was with his ideology. He believes that government and politicians are the salvation of man and society. Sadly, the opposite is true. More government means less freedom and more misery for all, because we have no choices, no prosperity, no property, and no rights. That is not a world I want to live in. I prefer to be poor and have the opportunity to get ahead in life, than be poor and have no opportunities, which is what the ideology of Obama demands.

      And as for the BBC being unbiased, please recall that before World War 2 broke out, the BBC savagely attacked Churchill for warning the world about Hitler, then years later turned on Prime Minister Blair for supporting the U.S. in Iraq. They have never been unbiased and never will be.

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