First Watch! 04/25/2009

Hello everyone! Thank you very much for coming to my blog, OurFreedomWatch. 

The purpose of this blog is simple: To inform fellow citizens of the U.S.A. about the actions of the U.S. Government that threatens our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; to encourage my fellow citizens about the hope and power we have in Christ Jesus; and to assist these citizens in taking the actions necessary to effect REAL and MEANINGFUL change and defend our family, friends, and freedom.

I love my country, the United States of America, and I’m concerned about the current state of our nation and current inclinations of our government to increase it’s size and power, resulting in the limiting of our freedoms to live as we choose, to worship God or not, and the lessening of our ability to prosper and succeed in life. 

No matter what people may tell you, together we can make a difference. This is America. Let’s work together to preserve the dream for all of us.

And for those of us who are Believers, we are Kings and Priests unto an Almighty God. We have authority, power, provision, and protection unlike anyone else on Earth and no weapon formed against us can prosper. We can effect change and help bring Heaven down to Earth for people who’s lives seem like living hells.

In this first post, here are some of the items I’ve chosen to post that I believe are of the utmost importance for us citizens that require our action.

Here is a video of a Congressional Hearing with former U.S. VP Al Gore regarding the proposed actions the U.S. Government should take to “save” the environment.

There you have it, U.S. Rep John Dingell, a Democrat, called cap and trade, who’s purpose is to help “save the world”, a large tax.  This whole global warming scheme is little more than a new way for the government to take even more money from business and put in their own backpockets. If “cap and trade” is passed, it will result in fewer jobs available in the U.S. (more American businesses will choose to outsource more of this kind of work to other nations, as opposed to shouldering this kind of burden), more families struggling to get by (because of these lost jobs) and less money flowing in our economy, which is exactly what we need to get out of this recession! Call your representatives and let them know you do NOT want them to pass cap and trade! 

CITI CEO  May be forced out by Feds

It’s a scary thing when the U.S. Government wants to remove executives of private companies. Many of you may ask “why”? “Isn’t it right that these idiot executives, who got us into this mess, be removed?” 

First off, it’s not business alone who bears the blame for this economy. It’s not even business that deserves the lion share; it’s the U.S. Government and the politicians within who created economically unsound regulations for the private sector and did a poor job of overseeing the Federal owned Fannie May and Freddie Mac. 

Second, this CEO of Citi isn’t responsible for the problem. He’s been trying to fix it, and according to this article the fruits of his labor are now bearing. Why then the rush to get rid of him?

Third, if the Federal Government can come into the private sector and start dictating who can and who can’t run this company or that company, what’s to stop them from saying what they can or can’t produce, can or can’t spend money on, who can and can’t be hired, promoted, or given a raise? The end result of these actions is a dying ecomony with little economic incentives for people to overachieve, and no revolutionary innovation. This translates to lower revenues, more layoffs, more wages and salaries lowered, more poverty. 

The Border Watch:

Flu Epidemic in Mexico.

Time and time again, we conservatives argue for the border to be secured, and every day more reasons to pursue this policy appear. Now, open borders with Mexico poses a health risk to the citizens of the United States. We should definately provide whatever medical aid we can, but what good can we offer if we become a victim as well?

And now, to end with good news. There is so much bad news in the world. No one ever talks about the good news, and if we don’t read the good that is happening, we might lose heart and stop trying.

Here’s today’s good news:

When did President George W. Bush ever use DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security) to attack or scare his POLITICAL enemies? Never.

Well, that’s what the Obama administration is doing, targeting the Conservative movement in America and trying to scare us into inaction. Thankfully, it’s had the opposite effect, forcing DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano into retreat. This means that we do have an effect on this country, that our outrage DOES matter to the left and the Obama Administration, that they do fear us and that our actions can effect change. This doesn’t mean the fight is over, but be encouraged! 

Remember, you aren’t alone. We stand together, and for those of us who believe in Jesus, we have the King of Kings as our Savior and Hope. No matter what you face today, He is your answer. John 14:1 “Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God, believe also in Me.”

Below are all the websites you can visit to contact your representatives. Pray, trust in Jesus, and make your calls.

Contact President Obama:

Contact Your Senator:

Contact Your Representative:


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