My sincere apologies for being gone so long, friends. I came home from work last night to find the U.S. House of Representatives had passed the so-called “Cap And Trade” Bill.

For those of you who have yet to be told, allow me to inform you that this bill has as much to do with cleaning the environment as Barney Fife had with ending the Cold War. When you look at the details, this bill is all about enriching a few companies and the politicians who back them. It’s effects would spread the curse of poverty across our land while enriching a few businesses and the politicians who are in bed with them.

It enriches the businessman because the companies that support this bill (AIG and General Electric to name a few) have created operations that, once this bill passes, would generate BILLIONS for them overnight from selling Carbon Credits to other business, and they can set the price because the bill is written in their favor. The politicians benefit because many who support it have shares in these companies, or have received “special favors” in return for their support.

Now, most of you know that I am NOT anti-business or free enterprise, nor am I against government. What I am against are bad business and government practices, and this is exactly that.

First, let me address the business side of this.

A few major corporations, fearing the unknown outcome of a fair fight in a Free Market Competition, has allied with politicians to reshape the Market to make their future more favorable. The real honest businessman accepts the risks and rewards of the Free Market system, because he knows that while there is uncertainty of success there is still the possibility of it and the door is open to at least take a chance. He appreciates this, and if he believes is God than he places his trust in God to carry him through.

The dishonest businessman seeks success in whatever way he can. He will lie, cheat, or steal because he fears failure above all and desires monetary success above all. His concern is not in creating a quality product for the consumer. His concern is not with creating a better world or enriching society with a wonderful product and/or service. His mission, above all, is making money. Period. Unlike the honest businessman, who rightly places “making money” as a BENEFIT of his mission, as opposed to THE mission.

Most companies’ mission statements usually consist of the following words: “To make a quality product that will benefit the lives of the consumer, and to make sure that each and every interaction our organization has with the consumer is a positive one.” The mission statement makes sure that the goal of your organization is to create something of value that people will pay for, and that the way you treat them will ensure that they will come back to you because your character as a whole is so winning that they will trust you for all their future purchases and needs. Nowhere is money mentioned, because it is implied that the money will come if you follow this statement. Money is achieved indirectly through following this goal to the letter, which helps ensure that the organization understands that serving people is our goal, not swindling them. This will help eliminate any attitudes that would encourage theft, dishonesty, and cheating the consumer.

Alas, in today’s world, this purpose of the mission statement is given mere lip service. Many companies have ingrained in themselves that their mission is to squeeze as much as you can out of everyone, regardless of the consequences. It is this self-seeking attitude and obsession with money that creates the fear of the unknown in a Free Market society, and so sets up the relationship for the Businessman to seek an alliance with the Politician. His goal is to get the politician to agree to change the rules of the game so that it is more in his favor, against his competitors, and will enrich himself. All of this is granted in exchange for a piece of the action to be given to the politician, thereby enriching the few at the expense of the many, and preventing a future business from being created that would revolutionize the landscape because the new rules of the game are far too stringent for any newcomer to possibly abide by with their own meager resources; thus the possibility of any future threats for the business man are negated, unless a richer one comes along offering a better deal to the politician.

So, that’s the dishonest businessman’s stake in this and his motivation. What of the politician?

The honest politician seeks to ensure the freedoms, liberty, and justice of the people is preserved at all costs. He sees himself as a servant, not a master; a slave and not a god. He will do whatever it takes to preserve the ability of a person to live his life as he sees fit so long as he does not go outside the lines of the code of law (theft, murder, rape) and that the possibilities for the people are endless. The individual can pursue his faith and his calling with little to no interference from a centralized governing body, nor interfere with his own personal progress by ensuring that whatever taxes are collected are not wholly outrageous and that the people have a voice in what taxes are levied. In the end, the honest politician does not seek power for himself, but power for all. If he is an athiest, he does it because he believes man is basically good and that the people can be trusted to make a society and nation great, better than what the state is able to construct. If he is a Christian, he believes that government is a tool to keep justice and liberty; and that a nation is made great because of Christ working through the people and not through some slavish obedience to the state.

Contrastly, the dishonest politician is obsessed with one thing, well two things really: power and money. He seeks power for either of these reasons or a combination of the three: to compensate for a severe lack of self-confidence and because he so implicitly distrusts the people to make a better society that he seeks to craft it himself by attaining and preserving absolute control of every aspect of the society, thinking that he and he alone knows what is best. He sees himself not as a servant, but a master; not as a slave, but as a god. As for money, well, he simply hates the idea of being poor.

He believes that liberty and freedom interfere with the creation of a better society, that only through central planning and the enforcement of his own will upon the masses can life be improved. He does not believe in the general sense of justice, as in the Judeo-Christian code of laws handed down through the ages. He believes in his own sense of right and wrong, and that what he says is just is so, and what is unjust is so. He sets himself up as a lawmaker and sees himself coming down from his seat of power with his own “Ten Commandments” (if he limits himself to ten), believing that through his own guidance can man be made better. All the while, this person forgets that he too, is a man, and that like all men he is filled with flaws and that enforcing his own personal godhead on the society will only magnify his own personal flaws throughout that society.

As for taxation, he believes that all money is best kept in his own hands, as he believes that only he himself knows how best to use it, not the people. And it doesn’t hurt if he enriches his own life along the way. After all, should he not be rewarded for the hard work and effort he put in to making this great society? He deserves to live like a king, and if that means that some poor family must go without that dream vacation, dream house, or that meal they were hoping for, then so be it. Their sacrifice has served the greater good.

Religion is an interference, in the view of the politician, because it divides the loyalty of the people. How can the politician trust the people will be loyal to him when they claim to serve a King of Kings? In order to ensure total loyalty to himself, the dishonest politician stamps out religion whenever he can, and tries to replace it with a faith in himself and his ability to save the people. Thus, without even realizing it (or perhaps so) he has created a new religion for the people, with himself as the godhead.

I have also found that most politicians who enrich themselves through higher taxation of the people have a great fear of poverty visiting themselves, so they use the power of taxation to ensure their own personal safety from that curse, aware or not that their action only passes their poverty on down the ladder thereby resulting in “trickle-down poverty” where the huge well at the top draws more water from the valleys below drying them up, but making the well flourish with ever-increasing gallons of water. One would think that an overflow would be created by this, resulting in water returning to the valleys, but such natural laws are overridden when the well reshapes itself to ensure that whatever overflow exists flows to the “chosen few” that it deems worthy. Again, that is IF there is any overflow. Many times the well will overly consume what it draws up, and demand even more from the now drying valleys.

This is what Cap And Trade is: nervous, self-seeking businessmen looking out for themselves and power-hungry, poverty fearing politicians looking to assert their own control over society. And, in the end, both also want to ensure they stay rich and never know want.

If this bill passes the Senate and is signed into law, the few will be enriched at the expense of the many. We should hold every Senator and Representative to account. All those who voted against should be praised and deserve our votes; all those who voted for it deserve our every action to unseat them no matter what the cost.

Our nation has had enough of dishonest businessmen and policitians. It is time for a return to honesty.


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Watch Update 09-20-2008


This news was too good for me NOT to report it. 

No, I’m not referring to the fact that California is in dire financial straits. I’m referring to the people of California saying enough is enough and refusing higher taxes and more debt as the way OUT of this crisis when that is exactly the kind of behavior that got California INTO this mess in the first place!

Now, Governor Schwarzenegger and the California Assembly have no choice but make the painful decisions that we have been urging them to make: cut their irresponsible spending. The time has come for them to trim the fat, and trim it well. It’s time for them to live within their means and be responsible with the money the people allow them to use. California must NOW become the state where the revolution against government waste and high taxation begins. Let us all pray and put pressure on the State of California to remake itself and become the shining street in the shining city on a hill. 

This is a great victory for us, friends! Let us seize the day! Now, keep praying, and keep moving. Momentum is moving on our side because We The People demand our country back!



Governor Schwarzeneggar

California Legislators:


















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Watch Report 05-20-2009

Good morning everyone. 

On this new day, there has been a lot of bad things happening of late. But before I get into the recent aggressive moves the U.S. Government has made which threaten our freedoms and prosperity, allow me first to speak a word of hope to you all.

As some of you may have guessed, I am a Christian. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, that He is God’s only Son, came down to Earth, died, and rose again so that I may have a relationship with God and no longer fear the wrath of God. I am also protected by His blood and entitled to all of the blessings God has for me, not because of what I have done, but because of what His Son did for me.

Because of that, those of us who are God’s children through Christ have nothing to fear and have all hope in Jesus. Allow me to quote this verse to you:

Romans 15:13 

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Do you, like me, feel a lot of hopelessness right now as you look at our nation and see the direction she’s heading in? Or are you consumed with hopelessness regarding other things in your life, such as your finances, your health, or your family? My friend, let me tell you that in Christ, in God our Father we have hope. Why?

Because He has all power and all strength and all riches to help you in your situation. Because He is the King of kings and Lord of lords and holds the heart of the king in His hands. He can change any situation in any nation in the entire world. And because of the blood of His Son, we can come boldly before His throne and ask him to help with any needs we have, and He wants us to. We can even approach Him about our nation. 

The nation can go bankrupt, but we won’t because our Heavenly Father supplies our needs according to his neverending riches. Our nation’s healthcare system can fall apart, but our own personal health is sustained by the health of Jesus’ body. Our society can tear apart, but the Body of Christ can remain strong and together. And if we have access to that kind of power that can sustain us, how much more can that power through us change the world?

So have no fear, for no matter how bleak things get outside in the world, our God is greater than the world. In fact, He has overcome the world, and because He has overcome the world, so we also have overcome the world if we believe in Him.

1 John 5:4

“for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith. Who is it that overcomes the world? Only he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.”

Remember friends, we are overcomers in every situation in Christ.

Now, to address the problems facing our nation.

U.S. to own GM!!!!

So President Obama wants to make cars, does he? This ridiculous idea is going to not only drive the U.S. deeper into debt, (“The source, who was not cleared to speak with the media and would not be identified, said the U.S. government would pay for the assets by assuming the automaker’s $6 billion of secured debt and forgiving the bulk of the $15.4 billion of emergency loans that the U.S. Treasury has provided to GM.” Hear that? There’s more debt for us to pay off…wonderful plan there Team Obama…)  but it will also result in lower American productivity in the car market, lower quality vehicles, and less demand for American products. Funny how the left always says they want to help Americans, but end up constructing plans like this one which do nothing but doom Americans and the American worker. And how, you ask? Simple: since politicians don’t know how to manage money, and much less know how to design good cars, GM will turn out vehicles that no one wants. More people in our country, and worldwide, will purchase non-American vehicles, driving down demand for American products and profit for American companies. This, of course, results in a lessened ability to pay wages, or drive down wages.

But never fear, for it is more likely that Team Obama will instead just pour even more of our money into GM to sustain it, thereby fulfilling the left’s plan for areas of success: tax it, regulate it, then once it stops being successful, subsidize it. 

If you are for American cars being the pride of the nation again, if you are for American Auto Companies making a profit again, if you are for the American Auto Worker, then you have no choice but to be against this. It will turn the U.S. Auto Industry into a joke and force us into being shareholders of a bankrupt company but with little power to change it for the better. Could you imagine if Apple was owned by the U.S. Government? They wouldn’t have the cool, hip, and futuristic products we are so used to them putting out today. No, they would be unimiganitive, unsaavy, boring machines that aren’t functional. They would be a pain to operate, ugly looking, and embarrasing. Apple wouldn’t be able to sell enough of those machines to turn a profit, and we’d always be forced to step in and put forward the money to keep them out of bankruptcy, and that’s because politicians don’t know how to make good computers, Steve Jobs does! 

It’s time for our leaders to put aside their arrogance, put aside their lust to engage in state-craft, and do what’s right for the American Auto Industry, American Auto Workers, American Consumers, and unleash the creative power of the free market. 

Obama’s New Fuel Efficient Cars

I love how Team Obama paints this as the way to solve the rising oil costs, or as a way to “save the environment”.

Some of you may be thinking, “fuel efficient cars? That’s a great idea! Thank God, what with the rising oil prices!”

Oh really? Look, if you’re stuck in the middle of farmland U.S.A. and your family well is running dry, but there are plenty of other places on your land that you know have plenty of fresh water and can be turned into new wells, would it make more sense to: 

A. Ration the existing well so you can make it last longer?

B. Dig new wells, which would increase your supply and keep your family alive?

Unless your a masochist, you’d pick B. After all, the well you have now will run out of water sooner or later no matter how well you ration it. Why then aren’t we not drilling for oil in the very spots where we know there’s oil to be had? Rationing remaining oil supplies will only take us so far. We have to find more resources, or come up with an alternative that makes sense and the market will support. 

And don’t listen to the left give you the “that will hurt the environment line…” Please. That’s like the village idiot coming up to you and saying “don’t dig more wells of water, it’ll ruin the beauty of your farm!” In those days, any farmer worth his salt would tell that guy to take a hike…or throw him into a well. 

The scientific facts are that global warming is a hoax. In fact, isn’t it rather arrogant of man to think he can affect the entire Earth in such a matter? The facts seem to show that indeed, man can’t affect the planet THAT much:’s-contribution-to-global-warming/

So, let’s stop believing the lies about “global warming”, stop starving our families, and start creating more jobs. Let’s start drilling for oil. 

The Truth about Cap And Trade

Having read the above article, don’t you all see what a scam Team Obama and his allies are pulling on us? This isn’t about saving the Earth. It never was. This is a new way for the U.S. Government to get more money, regulate more of the economy, and thereby create the nation they’ve always wanted: a clone of Europe. The problem with their desire is that it means that the poor will be poorer in our nation, the middle class will be driven into poverty, and the rich, depending on the side they’ve taken, will either escape the U.S. to other more friendly nations (of which there are few remaining) or be driven out of wealth and into serfdom to the Federal Government. The only group that wins in this arrangement are the politicians, for they will have power and access to wealth the likes of which we have never seen in our history, and I pray we will never see again. Make no mistake, this is all about the politicians, and not about We The People.

Pelosi and her friends are hypocrites

Isn’t it interesting how all of President Bush’s enemies are now being found out in their lies? They knew as much as the President did, they agreed to these practices and said nothing to stop it. Instead they planned to use this information to later turn their backs on him and act as though they were as pure as the driven snow. 

They have been found out for being the unprinciplied, power hungry politicians they are, and such people should never be entrusted with the power of governing a nation. Speaker Pelosi should either resign or be kicked out for her misdeeds, as well as all who did the same as she has done. We need principled men and women in our government who are OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people. Not men and women who are OF themselves, BY themselves, and FOR themselves!

If Speaker Pelosi firmly believed in her convictions, including her allies, then as soon as President Bush and the CIA consulted them on their practices they should have vehemently opposed him and done everything they could have to stop him regardless of the consequences. But no, instead they go along with it, intending to wait for the right time to use the President’s plan as a cudgel to destoy him and the GOP. And for what purpose? The purpose of expanding their political power and their careers. What a sham! What a disgrace! What a dishonor to our nation! These people are not leaders, they are self-interested, power-hungry, opportunistic politicians and they should all resign, and if they run for reelection we should all kick them out!

Good news of the week

Lately, I’ve been reading Margaret Thatcher’s book, “The Downing Street Years”, her account of her time as Prime Minister of the UK from 1979 – 1991. I get a lot of hope reading her memoirs during this troublesome period. When I read about a number of the great issues she faced during her time as Prime Minister, it looks a lot like what we face today, and beyond. 

Many of the issues she faces look like what we will face if President Obama has his way. But you know what the good news is? Lady Thatcher and her team were able, by God’s grace, to bring England back! They restored her to greatness and made her prosperous again, and that should give hope to all of us. No matter how bad the darkness gets, there’s always hope. 

Don’t get me wrong, let’s not allow President Obama and his allies to have their way in remaking our nation into a socialist society. Let’s fight them at every turn, making their entire trek a slog through filthy marshes that is so draining they retreat until a better opportunity opens up. 

But never lose heart, there’s always hope, and just as I said in the beginning of this entry, Christ is our hope and He never dies or fades away. He’s alive forever! Be encouraged!

Action Items

Pray about:

1. President Obama’s plan to nationalize the U.S. Auto Industry and passing the Cap and Trade regulations.

2. For better more honorable men and women in office, and the salvation of the ones currently in office.

3. For hope to shine in the darkness.

Pray for all these things, after being filled with the hope of God’s presence.

Thank you all, and NEVER give up!

Contact your Representatives:

President Obama:

U.S. Senate:

U.S. House of Representatives:

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Watch Report 05-13-2009

Greetings friends. 

Sorry about the lack of update Saturday. I’m still trying to get organized enough to be able to handle my projects and this blog. I will still do the best I can. 

In the midst of the economic and political problems in our country, I hope and pray that you all are having peace in the midst of the storm. May the God of peace be with you and help you all during these troubling times. May you all have peace on your Earth.

Now, for the watch items of the past week:

Dems Curbing Environment Regulation Proposals:

Now this is rich. Apparently there is enough opposition out there to force the Dems to scale things back a bit with their environmental agenda. Note, however, that they are ONLY scaling things back. That’s because they know that if they can just get their foot in the door, they’ve won. If they can get only a little passed, then precious little can  stop them from making their end goals realized. We cannot allow even this downsized version of their environmentalist scheme to pass. After all, none of this is really about the environment, it’s just a new tax they want to burden on the American people. The economic destruction their plan would reap would bring America to her knees and condemn her to a life of 2nd or 3rd world status. May I ask, what good would it bring the world if the one nation that outgives and outhelps the rest of the planet suddenly succumbs to poverty, a poverty of the government’s own making mind you, and therefore the once great giving nation is now unable to help and minister to the global poor as she used to? And I’m not talking about the failed attempts at helping the poor that the U.S. Government or the UN does, I’m talking about American families and American businesses, large and small, donating from their own backpocket and volunteering their own time to help the needy around the world. The destruction of the ability for the American individual and business to do this would result in many non-profit organizations losing the supply of aid they so desperately need, thereby resulting in billions of poor languishing without aid. And I’m not even counting the millions of poor Americans who will have the door to future prosperity shut in their face and bolted, thereby denying them even a chance at escaping their own poverty. If the liberals truly care about the poor, if they truly care about helping the world, then they’ll abandon burdening the American people with this new tax scheme cleverly disguised as “environmental legislation”. And we the people must pray fervently, and we must at every turn give our representatives hell if they are even considering voting for this new tax.

White House Denies Threats against Firms

Have all of you heard about this? Apparently, the White House threatened some of the investment firms if they didn’t go along with the White House plan for reorganizing the Chrysler. What’s ironic about this is that liberals complained that President George W. Bush was a bully, that we were under a dictatorship, that Bush attacked his political enemies non-stop and was merciless to them. (Now, most of us who live in the real world and don’t get all of our information from NBC news, know for sure that the opposite was true about President Bush. Bush was typically very mild when it came to fighting his political opponents, which tended to drive us Conservatives up a wall). 

The irony here is that what liberals always complained was present, but wasn’t, is now present and they are all gleefully silent or brazenly cheering. President Obama is doing the very things that liberals complained Bush was doing, the difference being that Bush wasn’t doing it and Obama now is.  This is scary, and a direct threat towards us free Americans and our ability to decide what to do with the property we own. We need to be on our guard, praying, and let the White House know how we feel about their intimidation and bully tactics. Abusing the power of the Presidency to violate the rights of individuals is a dangerous move against our freedoms and our future as Americans. 

Editor attacks Conservative Talk Radio:

It’s nice how this guy gives us a snippet as opposed to playing the clip in it’s context. Also, nowhere did I hear Mr. Davis laughing, it sounded like he was just reading it. 

This is nothing more than a “pointing the finger” to distract us from Ms. Wanda Sykes wishing for Rush Limbaugh’s death, with President Obama laughing approvingly. This gentleman also misses the mark about understanding why Conservative Talk Radio is in “Four Alarm Fire” mode. It’s because the policies President Obama seeks to implement and is implementing had destroyed nations and the citizens of those nations in times before, and these hosts do not wish to see that same fate befall the United States of America. And these sentimental ideals that he claims we’re naively holding onto, are not ideals but time tested and proven facts that have brought peace, prosperity, and freedom to the nations and people that have implemented them. And the ratings for talk radio will not go down because many Americans feel the same way these hosts feel, otherwise the ratings would not be so high and the calls to the hosts not so frequent.

We’ll need to keep an eye out for the fairness doctrine or any iteration of it. If Talk Radio goes away by force of government, so goes our own personal freedom of speech.

Alan Keyes arrested in Notre Dame Protest:

This is quite sad that even Notre Dame prefers to be known for being friendly to the new President as opposed to taking a stand. There is so much Obama-mania it seems some people and organizations will sacrifice anything to enter this cult of personality. It is quite sad, and we should encourage and support those organizations who stand by their principles. We are not saying that organizations should not respect the President of the United States, but there is a line between showing the respect one is due, and endorsing policies that are against your beliefs and against the foundation and fabric of this nation. I sincerely hope Notre Dame reverses this decision.

White House “Opposes” EPA:

Funny how the White House admits publicly that these “cap and trade” regulations will actually hurt the economy. I strongly feel this “memo” the White House sent is little more than a strategic political move. It allows Team Obama to go forward with their environmental regulations while at the same time appearing to be against it. The fact that this memo came out shows that there must be enough opposition present to threaten it’s passage, or the President’s approval ratings. Otherwise, there would have been no memo since the President has stated many times, and the people he has appointed have agreed, that the environment must be saved and the regulation of the economy is the way to meet that end. Don’t be fooled by this tactical maneuver. Be watchful, and be mindful.

And now, for the good news:

Conservative Party Leader Cameron Attacks Labour’s Budget:

David Cameron is the leader of England’s Conservative Party. There are some things I do not agree with him on, as he took on the centrist mantle of “Compassionate Conservatism” which is little more than a cop-out. So you can imagine my surprise, shock, and excitement when I hear this speach and read his words attacking Prime Minister Brown’s Budget for the new fiscal year in England. Such boldness, such fierceness. Why don’t we have such a leader in the GOP going out in public and daily engaging in a verbal bloodbath with President Obama over his ruinous agenda for our country? Where are the leaders standing up over this horribly financial mismanagement, especially in light of this latest report regarding our highest deficit ever, even 4 times as much as 2008’s?

We need bolder leaders to step up and aggressively challenge Team Obama without fear of the White House Press Corps. We need leaders who are of the people and FOR the people. And if no such leader rises up, then WE THE PEOPLE must do the fighting ourselves and daily challenge Team Obama using our Freedom of Speech and Freedom to Vote. 

Now, the good news in all of this is that typically if you want to know what may happen to America, look to England. In 1979, Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister of Great Britain and went about saving the country from years of government encroachment and national decline. A few years later Ronald Reagan became the U.S. President. As of this writing, Cameron and the Conservatives are pressuring Prime Minister Brown to call for new elections, confident of victory since the polls strongly reflect a growing cry for the return of the Conservative Party. The tide appears to be turning in England, which means the same could soon be true for the United States.

Contact President Obama:

Contact Your Senator:

Contact Your Representative:



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Watch Report May 2, 2009

Happy May everyone! I pray that all of you are doing well and will have a wonderful summer this year. Let not your hearts be troubled, my friends. 

No matter what may happen this year or the year’s to come, I want you all to remember that God is faithful, He sits on the throne of the Universe, and He cares for you. That was something I was reminded of last night when I went to a special Messianic Service at my church. My mind was on my country, the hard times for us as a nation, and myself as a person when the worship started. All my fears seemed to fade as we worshipped God for His faithfulness and His power. The message I was getting over and over again was that He is faithful. So, no matter what bad news you get in life, no matter what may surprise you, and no matter what we read about the President and his team threatening our freedoms as Americans, remember that God is faithful. He watches over His children, He is our shepherd so He protects us, He provides for all our needs according to His riches and glory, we only need to seek the peace, righteousness, and joy in the Holy Spirit and receive the righteousness Christ gave to us. 

Now, for the watch report for today.

U.S. Supreme Justice Souter Retiring:

Alot of Conservatives I know are probably freaking out over President Obama having the opportunity to appoint a Justice to the Supreme Court. Let me try and put this in perspective. Justice Souter is a liberal activist judge. The President will more than likely appoint a liberal activist judge to replace him. How does that radically change the court? It doesn’t make things better, but it also doesn’t make things any worse.  The current status quo will be maintained. 

Yes, let’s try and defeat the President on this issue and force through a strict Constitutionalist Justice. However, defeat in this appointment isn’t necessarily lethal because the status quo will not be changed: 4 liberal activists, 4 conservatives, and one moderate, the moderate being Justice Anthony Kennedy. And it’s on that one man that I wish to focus. The 4 conservatives are all too young to retire, though Justice Thomas has declared in the past that he doesn’t really care for his job. Justice Kennedy, who more often than not sides with us, is the one question mark. Should he retire during an Obama administration, or even 1 of the 4 conservatives, then the Court will be dramatically changed. So, the President can replace all 4 of the liberal judges with 4 equally radical judges, and the status quo will not be changed. However, should one of the four, or Justice Kennedy, leave, then that is the time for hard fighting.

Let us get into the trenches and fight hard President Obama’s nomination and get a Constitutionalist in there, but if we lose take heart all. It doesn’t change the power structure, though it does ensure more years of a liberal activist occupying that seat.

Hate Crimes Bill Passed in House:

I love how liberals spin things to make bad things sound positive. Let me tell you the truth about this hate crimes bill. It’s 100% against freedom of speech. For example, if a Pastor says in church that sex outside of marriage, or homosexual sex, is sin, the Feds can come after him. That’s what it’s about. Now, obviously people who go around saying “God hates gays” are not of God and in fact are opposing the Gospel and Ministry of Jesus Christ, for He did not come into the world to condemn the world, but that through Him the world might be saved. This does not mean that God has abandoned his standards and there is still a need in churches, and society in general, to be honest about what is right and what is wrong. So, this attempt to bind an American’s freedom of speech is dangerous to all of us and will force on our society a dangerous relativism where we can’t call something wrong that is wrong. Some may argue, “but what about hate crimes and racism?” I respond, this bill is not about hate crimes or racism; it’s about a threatened Team Obama and their allies trying to bind the forces of Conservatism and Christianity. The Conservative, who believes in a human being’s God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness regardless of race, color, or creed is anathema to the liberal belief that the State grants a human to life, libery, and the pursuit of happiness regardless of race, color, or creed, and can easily take it away as it wills for any reason whatsoever. The Christian, who believes the same as the Conservative and that all men and women are made in the image of Almighty God (thereby granting man intrinsic value higher than all the rest of Creation) and that God loves man so incredibly enough that He killed His Own Son so that He can have a relationship with us and make us healthy and whole, threatens the public need for the Statist, for what need would there be for an all-encompassing and providing government if all men and women had God caring for them? Team Obama will mask this bill  as “protecting tolerance” when it’s all about muzzling his opponents. Pray and call your reps so we can stop this!

U.S. Credit Card Users Bill of Rights:

Most people who listen to or have listened to Financial Advisor Dave Ramsey hate credit cards and hate credit card companies. We won’t discuss the use of credit cards here, however I will say that this is nothing more than new regulations of the already over-burdened financial industry. There are already plenty of laws about loan sharks and illegal lending practices on the books that are not being enforced, so why make these new laws? All this new law will do is encourage more irresponsible usage of credit cards by the masses, and punish the credit card companies; a lose-lose situation. If Team Obama were really concerned about illegal lending practices, they would A. Not have given them a penny in the financial bailout bill, B. Deregulate it to the point of where the Free Market itself would regulate the lenders, and C. Retain and enforce the laws ALREADY on the books that actually DO make sense and protect the American people from predatory lending. But again, Team Obama isn’t concerned about Credit Card Users’ Rights; they’re concerned with their own “right” to power. I say we fight this.

Here’s Rep. Maloney’s website with contact info if you want to let her know how you feel:

Team Obama seeks to reorganize Chrsyler:

I know it might seem weird to link to a Washington Post article, but the truth is in between the lines in this article. First, before we can proceed further we must ask ourselves “What is the President’s goal with the U.S. Auto Industry?”

If you said “saving the companies”, you’d be dead wrong. There are plenty of things the President and his team could be doing to help them, but they aren’t. Things such as: eliminating regulations that have burdened the Auto Makers’ bottom line and had them creating cars few want and aren’t reliable, and grant them a tax holiday where the entire company (and employees) are free from all tax payments for all of 2009. That would surely give them a boost.  Even allowing bankruptcy would be preferable, in the sense it would give them the time to reorganize themselves and emerge a better, more driven organization. 

Again, that would happen IF the President’s true goal was saving the company. It isn’t. The true goal of the President and his team is regulation. They see this as their opportunity to take over and remake the U.S. Auto Industry as they’ve always wanted to. Get rid of what remains of American design and become 100% European and “Earth” Friendly. Essentially, change things so dramatically that the industry becomes like Amtrak where it won’t make any money and will need constant funding from Washington. Team Obama is convinced that they can change the U.S. Auto Landscape by doing this, and finally achieve the victory they’ve been seeking in this area, which for them is halting progress and making us a less wealthy and less luxurious nation. What does this mean for us as a nation? Less choice about the kinds of vehicles we can buy, less safety on the roads (have you seen the size of those cars the Feds are promoting? The driver can easily die if it wrecks), and either fewer jobs for the Auto Workers (the company won’t be making money so they’ll have to make cuts somewhere) or more debt for our children and grandchildren as the Federal Government will no doubt step in subsidize the catastrohic failure. 

Now, there is another aspect to this: The Feds are forcing this reorganization through and essentially kicking the majority shareholders out and giving their shares to the Auto Workers Union. This is nothing short of nationalization and theft. Those investment firms put their money in the company, so what right does the government have to take their shares away and give them to others? Some may argue the Robin Hood line of “Steal from the rich and give to the poor”. Would you feel the same way if it was YOUR shares they were taking and giving to another? It’s YOUR money that you used to buy YOUR shares in the company, wouldn’t you feel robbed if they pulled that on you? That’s my point. It’s all about PRIVATE PROPERTY. When the U.S. Government can arbitrarily take away private property and give it to another, without due process of law (that means when a crime has been committed and there are indictments and a trial before a jury of the indicted’s peers, and there have been no indictments because the only crime commited here is the Federal Government putting the U.S. Auto Industry in the state it currently is due to their draconian regulations), all of us are at risk because it means the Feds now have carte blanche authority to reach into our homes, even our small home-owned businesses, and tell us how to run it. This reorganization plan from Team Obama needs to be stopped, and stopped now!

Feds now regulating NCAA?

I thought I’d put this here when I heard about it to illustrate how draconian the Feds are getting. Tell me, what purpose or what greater good does it serve for Washington, D.C. to start telling the NCAA what they can or can’t call their championship games? I’m sorry, I’ve never understood why the government needs to get involved in the Sports industry. It’s something that provides entertainment for most of us, it’s not that consequential that it requires a Congressional Committee (though I’m sure  Cincinnati Bengals fans would love to see Congress drag owner Mike Brown before them and give him a good roasting for destroying their team). The Feds need to just get out of sports and let us the fans dictate to our teams, and the industry, what we want. 

Team Obama’s Budget:

Well, here we go. This new budget by Team Obama will only get us deeper into debt and will hurt our health care system. Call the President and tell him you want him to veto it. It’s time to stand up and be counted, my friends! Also, call your congressman and demand a more balanced budget. Now is also the time to probably think, pray, and consider running for office. I know that’s a stretch to think about, but instead of complaining about how there’s no one to vote for, BE the person you want to vote for. If no one else will do it, why not you? If you’re a Christian, obviously you should pray and seek God’s will first. But if you have a passion and are tired of what you’re seeing, now may be your time. I started this blog  because I was tired of sitting on the sidelines and I wanted to encourage and empower Americans like me to help fight the growing nationalization and protect our freedoms.

If you decide that your time has come, that you will seek to be a soldier of freedom in the government, consider running for a local office. Start change in your town, city, county, state, and nation right where you are. May God guide you.

And now for the good news item of the issue:

The fact that the U.S. Supreme Court is debating some of the overreaching aspects of the Voting Rights Act is a good thing. If that provision is overturned, it will mean a victory for limited government. And do not believe the fearmongering because such a ruling will in no way threaten the right of all Americans, of all races colors and creeds, to vote though be sure that the left will spin it that way. This is indeed good news and let’s all pray the Court does the right thing.

Have a wonderful weekend all of you. 

Action Items This Issue:

1. Oppose Liberal Activist Appointments by the President.

2. Oppose Credit Card Users Bill of Rights.

3. Oppose Hate Crimes Legislation.

4. Oppose NCAA regulation.

5. Oppose U.S. Auto Reorganization.


Contact President Obama:

Contact Your Senator:

Contact Your Representative:




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Watch Report: April 28th, 2009

Good morning everyone! Hope all is well for you and your families today.

First news item of this update:

President Obama, the First 100 Days.

The first 100 days of a President are seen as review time and check on how good of a job they’re doing. Naturally, the article above pretty much hails Obama as a god and I can only stand to read so much of it. 

Let’s have a real assesment of Obama’s first 100 days, shall we?

1. President Obama reversed several Bush Administration Defense Policies and reverted to pre-9/11 policies, thereby making us less safe with terrorists and enemies still at war with us. 

2. President Obama signed another stimulus bill into law, thereby increasing our national debt to the highest level ever in our existence and burdening our children and grandchildren to pay it off.

3. President Obama has cut funding to our Missile Defense System, which makes no sense in light of North Korea’s missile testing and Iran’s missile development program.

4. President Obama has increased and is continually increasing the size and scope of Federal Authority and Intervention in our lives, from pressuring the CEO of GM to resign to reorganizing the U.S. Auto Industry, and now regulating climate control in the U.S., the government is becoming a behemoth that will be a dirge on American life and Individual prosperity and hope.

5. President Obama broke his word to the American people regarding his “tax cuts” for the middle class.  He’s going to let the Bush tax cuts expire, which means an automatic tax hike for all of us. Good job, Mr. President.

6. President Obama has destroyed America’s public image and made us look weak and malleable. The enemies of freedom has little to fear from us. Yes, I admit the President did the right thing in regards to the Somali Pirates, but apologizing to the world for the things he listed? I can understand apologizing to Israel and Taiwan for turning our backs on them, or to Georgia for not standing up for them, but what he apologized for was insane and hurtful. Bowing before a Saudi King is something that would have driven the Founding Fathers stark raving mad, and not respecting America’s honored dead while in France because you fear French Public Opinion is downright cowardice and self-seeking.

And, this just in: Obama reinstitutes old regulation of Coal Mining Industry!

I have relatives in West Virginia, and it’s because of regulations like this that that state has little if any jobs or opportunities for the people there. Most of the state that I’ve been to is dead or dying because the coal mines shut down years ago. A few years ago, the coal mines started up again and jobs were being created. Now, thanks to this, the mines will probably shut down and more West Virginians will be out of work again. Thank you, Mr. President. You’re really looking out for the little guy.

For wanton destructive action against America, Americans, our freedom, and our public image, you get an F grade, Mr. President.

U.S. Court ok’s suit against Boeing by suspects:

All I have to say is that this court is stupid and traiterous to allow this. At least let the case be in a closed court with hush orders for everyone, but no let’s just broadcast national security secrets. Give me a break.

Kathleen Sebelius confirmed as HHS Secretary and the Swine Flu Crisis:

Now here’s an interesting argument: we need Sebelius because of the swine flu crisis. This brings to mind Rahm Emanuel’s dictum of “Never waste a good crisis.” As one might expect, this situation plays well into Team Obama’s plans for nationwide health care. Watch for and expect for the President to use this crisis to push for nationalization of the health care industry and socialized medicine. I can see the argument now: “The Private Sector has failed to meet this new crisis. The government has a responsibility to the people to step in and put an end to this situation.” 

This will be said when, in reality, Team Obama see this as nothing more than a golden opportunity to extend the influence of the government yet again and achieve their dream goal of universal health care, at the expense of the American people. If this happends, our health care system would suffer dramatically.  Don’t be fooled and be ready: clog those phone lines and make sure Congress and the President know we don’t want health care. Mexico has socalized medicine, and look what it’s gotten them!

And speaking of Mexico, what more do we need to happen to convince Washington to secure our borders? Just a thought.

Offshore drilling bill halted in Florida:

Isn’t it interesting how, when our economy needs more money and jobs, our government works against those very things? People in Florida need to get ticked off at this laziness and arrogance in their state government.  

If we drill for oil, that will open up more jobs, and lower the price of gasoline which will mean more money for more Americans. Money Americans will spend, money that when spent a portion will go to the government, which means more revenues.  So while denying the American people in general, and the people of the state of Florida this opportunity, Gov. Crist and the Florida legislature prefer to do this:

Look at that picture of Governor Crist of Florida smiling and giving a thumbs up. Politicians who celebrate denying money and opportunities to the American people need to be fired…

Maybe we should let Governor Crist know how we feel:

New Federal Mortgage Measures:

Considering the Federal Government engineered this entire recession through the Community Reinvestment Act and various other regulations and measures forcing the Financial Community of the U.S. to give mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them, I find it ironic that the Feds are coming to the “rescue” with a solution.

Obviously, the far-reaching consequences of this so-called “solution” is that it doesn’t stop the original problem of not letting financial institutions decide who to give mortgages to and who not to and continues the current foolhardy model of lending to those who cannot afford it, and financing it by the U.S. Treasury which will lead to a tremendous drain on financial resources and severely affect prosperity and the home markets for years to come.

The real solution is de-regulation of the financial industry to encourage more responsible lending and will in time stabilize the housing market so that when it does grow, it will be sustainable and not artificial.

Chrysler’s Woes:

Sorry, this just won’t work. The Feds made the U.S. Auto Industry the sham it is today. The only solution is to let it fall and rebuild on it’s own, or it will remain a struggling institution that will make automobiles that few truly want.

And now to end with the Good news:

Here’s our good news item of the week!

Spector leaves GOP, joins Dems!

This is a time to celebrate for us. We want liberal Republicans like Spector to jump ship. We need to first clean house and then unite as one, then we can take on Team Obama. So rejoice, and tell Sen. Spector good riddance.

I’m hearing a unity amongst Conservatives due to this event.  We’re rallying together and this is good news. 

Until next time friends!

Again, here are the major issues:

1. Stop Team Obama’s Agenda on Health, Regulation, Foreign Policy, and Government Spending and Expansion.

2. Tell Governor Crist to open up that offshore drilling to help the rest of us Americans.

3. Tell your Representatives to stand against Team Obama and mention the above court case. Let them and the President know you want this court case halted.


President Obama:

Comments: 202-456-1111

Your Senator:

Your Representative:

Psalm 4:1


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First Watch! 04/25/2009

Hello everyone! Thank you very much for coming to my blog, OurFreedomWatch. 

The purpose of this blog is simple: To inform fellow citizens of the U.S.A. about the actions of the U.S. Government that threatens our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; to encourage my fellow citizens about the hope and power we have in Christ Jesus; and to assist these citizens in taking the actions necessary to effect REAL and MEANINGFUL change and defend our family, friends, and freedom.

I love my country, the United States of America, and I’m concerned about the current state of our nation and current inclinations of our government to increase it’s size and power, resulting in the limiting of our freedoms to live as we choose, to worship God or not, and the lessening of our ability to prosper and succeed in life. 

No matter what people may tell you, together we can make a difference. This is America. Let’s work together to preserve the dream for all of us.

And for those of us who are Believers, we are Kings and Priests unto an Almighty God. We have authority, power, provision, and protection unlike anyone else on Earth and no weapon formed against us can prosper. We can effect change and help bring Heaven down to Earth for people who’s lives seem like living hells.

In this first post, here are some of the items I’ve chosen to post that I believe are of the utmost importance for us citizens that require our action.

Here is a video of a Congressional Hearing with former U.S. VP Al Gore regarding the proposed actions the U.S. Government should take to “save” the environment.

There you have it, U.S. Rep John Dingell, a Democrat, called cap and trade, who’s purpose is to help “save the world”, a large tax.  This whole global warming scheme is little more than a new way for the government to take even more money from business and put in their own backpockets. If “cap and trade” is passed, it will result in fewer jobs available in the U.S. (more American businesses will choose to outsource more of this kind of work to other nations, as opposed to shouldering this kind of burden), more families struggling to get by (because of these lost jobs) and less money flowing in our economy, which is exactly what we need to get out of this recession! Call your representatives and let them know you do NOT want them to pass cap and trade! 

CITI CEO  May be forced out by Feds

It’s a scary thing when the U.S. Government wants to remove executives of private companies. Many of you may ask “why”? “Isn’t it right that these idiot executives, who got us into this mess, be removed?” 

First off, it’s not business alone who bears the blame for this economy. It’s not even business that deserves the lion share; it’s the U.S. Government and the politicians within who created economically unsound regulations for the private sector and did a poor job of overseeing the Federal owned Fannie May and Freddie Mac. 

Second, this CEO of Citi isn’t responsible for the problem. He’s been trying to fix it, and according to this article the fruits of his labor are now bearing. Why then the rush to get rid of him?

Third, if the Federal Government can come into the private sector and start dictating who can and who can’t run this company or that company, what’s to stop them from saying what they can or can’t produce, can or can’t spend money on, who can and can’t be hired, promoted, or given a raise? The end result of these actions is a dying ecomony with little economic incentives for people to overachieve, and no revolutionary innovation. This translates to lower revenues, more layoffs, more wages and salaries lowered, more poverty. 

The Border Watch:

Flu Epidemic in Mexico.

Time and time again, we conservatives argue for the border to be secured, and every day more reasons to pursue this policy appear. Now, open borders with Mexico poses a health risk to the citizens of the United States. We should definately provide whatever medical aid we can, but what good can we offer if we become a victim as well?

And now, to end with good news. There is so much bad news in the world. No one ever talks about the good news, and if we don’t read the good that is happening, we might lose heart and stop trying.

Here’s today’s good news:

When did President George W. Bush ever use DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security) to attack or scare his POLITICAL enemies? Never.

Well, that’s what the Obama administration is doing, targeting the Conservative movement in America and trying to scare us into inaction. Thankfully, it’s had the opposite effect, forcing DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano into retreat. This means that we do have an effect on this country, that our outrage DOES matter to the left and the Obama Administration, that they do fear us and that our actions can effect change. This doesn’t mean the fight is over, but be encouraged! 

Remember, you aren’t alone. We stand together, and for those of us who believe in Jesus, we have the King of Kings as our Savior and Hope. No matter what you face today, He is your answer. John 14:1 “Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God, believe also in Me.”

Below are all the websites you can visit to contact your representatives. Pray, trust in Jesus, and make your calls.

Contact President Obama:

Contact Your Senator:

Contact Your Representative:

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